EMT Course

Course Description

The EMT-basic program provides the student with an outline of the EMS system, introduces assessment skills, as well as provides pathophysiology of common neurological, respiratory, and cardiac related emergencies. The EMT-Basic program is an Academy format training course for emergency medical technicians performing as ambulance attendants. It covers techniques of emergency medical care presently considered within the responsibilities of the emergency medical technician, and emphasizes the development of student skills in recognition of symptoms of illnesses and injuries and proper procedures of emergency care.

This is a Fire Academy Format course.  The California Regional Fire Academy is run in a paramilitary fashion.  Students are expected to adhere to strict rules of conduct.  Appearance and grooming standards are enforced.  All questions regarding Academy operations and expectations will be answered during an Orientation meeting prior to beginning class.

This course is taught using the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration National EMS Education Standards and under the authority of Sacramento County Department of Health EMS Division.

A program completion certificate is awarded to students who pass the course with a 80% or better average.  Successful completion of the EMT-Basic course provides eligibility to take the cognitive portion of the National Registry exam.  The State of California requires successful completion of National Registry certification to apply for EMT certification at all local EMS agencies.  A student must be 18 years old in order to qualify for county certification. (Beginning January 2006, the County of Sacramento certification examination will no longer be offered, but will be replaced by the National Registry EMT-Basic examination).  Please contact the County of Sacramento at (916) 875-9753 for further information.

Successful EMT-Basic students may find employment with fire agencies, private ambulance companies, California Department of Forestry, ER techs, and other assorted jobs.  Many successful EMT-Basic students have also gone onto paramedic school, medical school, nursing school, physician's assistant school, and other associated allied health professions.

Enrollment Limitation: Once enrolled, students will be given direction on how to obtain a background check, drug screen, TB test, proof of MMR Vaccination, Influenza Vaccination, Varicella Vaccination, Tdap Vaccination and Hep B Vaccination.  Students also need to provide proof of personal health insurance.

A laptop or iPad/tablet is required for in-class use during this course.  The student should have access to the internet to take online tests in class.


Students may register for an upcoming class on the Course Schedule page. Registered students will receive a packet in the mail approximately four (4) weeks prior to the class beginning.  The packet will include all paperwork and instructions for the student.

All available courses will be listed on the Course Schedule page; if one is not listed, there is not a course scheduled at this time.  Please complete an Interest Card to be added to the email group.