Course Fees

Course fees generally range from $100 to $10,000, depending upon type of course taken, amount of equipment needed, facility fees and other determining factors.

Please refer to the Course Schedule to view a current listing of offered courses and their costs.

**Course Refund Policy**
A full refund will be issued if the class is canceled by CFRTA or if the student withdraws from a class prior to ten (10) business days before the class start date. If a student withdraws within ten (10) business days prior to the class start date, up to the scheduled start date,  a $50 cancelation fee will be held, and the remaining fees will be refunded. If a student does not attend class, and does not withdraw, no refund will be issued. For payments made by credit card, when a written refund request form is received within 90 days of payment, refunds will be issued to the same credit card. After 90 days and for payments made by check, money orders, or cash; refunds will be made by check in 6-8 weeks. There may be certain circumstances when a refund by check may be the only option.

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