Training Courses

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Technical Rescue

Rescue Systems I
Basic Rescue Skills 40 hrs
Rescue Systems II Advanced Rescue Skills 40 hrs
Rescue Systems III Structural Collapse Technician 24 hrs
Rope Rescue  Rope Rescue Technician 40 hrs 
Trench Rescue Trench Rescue Technician 24 hrs
Confined Space
Rescue Awareness 7 hrs
Confined Space
Rescue Technician 40 hrs
Low Angle Rope Rescue
Operational 24 hrs

Water Rescue

Water Rescue River and Flood Water Rescue 16 hrs
Water Rescue Operational 24 hrs
Water Rescue Technician 24 hrs
Boat/Personal Watercraft Operator River/Flood Rescue 40 hrs
Boat Operator Rescue Boat Operations 24 hrs
Personal Watercraft Rescue Operations 16 hrs

Incident Management Team/Wildland

L-180     Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service 4 hrs
L-950  Incident Commander Course 40 hrs 
L-952  Public Information Officer  40 hrs 
L-954  Safety Officer Course  32 hrs 
L-956  Liaison Officer 16 hrs 
L-958  Operations Section Chief 32 hrs
L-960 Division Group Supervisor 24 hrs 
L-962  Planning Sections Chief  32 hrs 
L-964  Situation Unit Leader  40 hrs 
L-965  Resource Unit Leader  32 hrs 
L-967  Logistics Section Chief 40 hrs 
L-969  Communications Unit Leader  32 hrs 
L-970  Supply Unit Leader 32 hrs 
L-971  Facilities Unit Leader  40 hrs 
L-973  Finance/Administration Section Chief  24 hrs 
L-975  Finance/Administration Unit Leader  24 hrs 
RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training 16 hrs
S-130 Firefighter Training/Fire Behavior 35.5 hrs
S-131 Advanced Firefighting 8 hrs
S-134 LCES 16 hrs
S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior 8 hrs
S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander 16 hrs
S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws 24 hrs
S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface 32 hrs
S-230 Crew Boss-Single Resource 24 hrs
S-231 Engine Boss 16 hrs
S-234 Ignition Operations 16 hrs
S-270 Basic Air Operations 16 hrs
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior 32 hrs
S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander 16 hrs
S-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader 24 hrs
S-330 AR Task Force/Strike Team Leader All Risk 28 hrs
S-336 Tactical Decision Making in Wildland Fires 24 hrs
S-339 Division/Group Supervisor 20 hrs
S-339 AR Division/Group Supervisor All Risk 24 hrs
S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calcs 32hrs
S-404 Safety Officer 24 hrs
Stike Team Leader Refresher Strike Team Leader Review/Update 8hrs

Incident Command

I-200 Basic ICS 12 hrs
I-300 Intermediate ICS 24 hrs
I-400 Advanced ICS 16 hrs

Company Officer

Company Officer 2A Human Resource Management 40 hrs
Company Officer 2B General Administrative Functions 20 hrs
Company Officer 2C Fire Inspections and Investigations 40 hrs
Company Officer 2D All-Risk Command Operations 40 hrs
Company Officer 2E Wildland Incident Operations 40 hrs

Specialty Training

Auto Extrication Vehicle Extrication Techniques 16 hrs
RIC Rapid Intervention Crew Operations 24 hrs
FF Survival Firefighter Survival 16 hrs
Command & Control Command & Control of the RIC Deployment 8 hrs
ROSS Dispatcher Resource Ordering & Statusing System Dispatcher 16 hrs
ROSS Admin Resource Ordering & Statusing System Admin 16 hrs

Apparatus Operator

Driver Operator 1A Emergency Vehicle Operations 40 hrs
Driver Operator 1B Pump Operations 40 hrs

Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction

Haz-Mat Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMD 6 hrs
Haz-Mat First Responder Awareness-FRA 8 hrs 
Haz-Mat First Responder Operational-FRO 24 hrs
Haz-Mat First Responder Operational-Decon 8 hrs

Instructor Courses

Ethics Ethical Leadership in the Classroom 8 hrs
RIO Regional Instructor Orientation 7 hrs
Instructor I Instructional Methodology 40 hrs
Instructor II Instructional Development 40 hrs

Fire Inspector/Fire Investigation

Fire Investigation 1A Fire Origin & Cause Determination 40 hrs
Fire Investigation 1B Techniques of Fire Investigation 40 hrs
Fire Investigation 2A Criminal & Legal Procedures 40 hrs
Fire Investigation 2B Field Case Studies 40 hrs
Fire Inspector 1A Duties and Administration 24 hrs
Fire Inspector 1B Fire and Life Safety 24 hrs
Fire Inspector 1C Field Inspection 24 hrs
Fire Inspector 1D Field Inspection-California Specific 16 hrs 
Fire Inspector 2A  Fire Prevention Administration  16 hrs 
Fire Inspector 2B  Fire and Life Safety Requirements  24 hrs 
Fire Inspector 2C  Inspecting New/Existing Fire & Life Safety Systems & Equipment  16 hrs 
Fire Inspector 2D Hazardous Materials, Operations, and Processes  32 hrs 

Chief Fire Officer

Chief Fire Officer 3A Human Resource Management 26 hrs
Chief Fire Officer 3B Budget and Fiscal Responsibilities 18 hrs
Chief Fire Officer 3C General Adminstration Functions 24 hrs
Chief Fire Officer 3D Emergency Service Delivery Responsibilities 24 hrs

Fire Control

Fire Control 3B Structural Firefighting in Live-Fire Simulators 16 hrs
 Fire Control 5  Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting 16 hrs 
Fire Control 6 Wildland Fire Fighting Essentials 16 hrs

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