Joint Powers Authority


The California Fire and Rescue Training Authority at Sacramento is a Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) comprised of three member agencies: California Governor's Office of Emergency Services– Fire and Rescue Branch, Sacramento Fire Department, and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

Organizational Chart

Mission Statement

Provide excellence in training and education for the development of knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in the most effective, efficient and innovative manner.

JPA Agreement

JPA Agreement

2018-2019 Final Budget
2018-2019 Preliminary Budget
2017-2018 Final Budget
2017-2018 Preliminary Budget
2016-2017 Final Budget
2016-2017 Preliminary Budget
2015-2016 Final Budget
2015-2016 Preliminary Budget
2014-2015 Final Budget
2014-2015 Preliminary Budget
2013-2014 Final Budget 
2013-2014 Preliminary Budget
2012-2013 Final Budget


Series 1000 - General

Series 2000 - Personnel

Series 2300 - Job Descriptions

Series 3000 - Operations

Series 5000 - Governing Council