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About Us

The California Fire and Rescue Training Authority at Sacramento is a Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) comprised of three member agencies: California Governor's Office of Emergency Services– Fire and Rescue Branch, Sacramento Fire Department, and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. One of the major goals of the JPA is to develop and manage a Regional Training Facility. 

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Mission Statement

Provide excellence in training and education for the development of knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in the most effective, efficient and innovative manner.

History and Development

The founders of the JPA recognized the need for coordinated planning, implementation and funding of fire, rescue, emergency medical services and hazmat training in order to ensure the provision of comprehensive public safety services to the Sacramento metropolitan area, the State of California and the nation. In an era of scarce public resources, the founders' intent was to maximize current fiscal funding by eliminating duplication of facilities, materials, services and planning with respect to training; thus the formation of the JPA.

The JPA was formally organized by agreement on December 1, 1997 of the member agencies. The JPA is governed by a council of three members. Staff support is provided by personnel from the member agencies. The Executive Director is Assistant Chief Joe Gear.

Goals and Directions

The fire department member agencies are involved in regional training issues such as firefighter recruit training, engine company training and Fire and Command Officer training. Specialized training is also provided in such subjects as fire prevention, investigation, wildland, aircraft rescue & firefighting, hazardous materials, confined space, trench rescue and technical rope rescue. In addition, adequate facilities and props are being constructed to accommodate fire simulators for command tabletop training, live fire flashover burns, engineer and company officer academies and other specialized training needs.

At the same time, the JPA will facilitate training for the Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces with specialized training needs; i.e. medical operations, rescue operations, logistics, structural engineers, state fire service rescue, disaster K-9, heavy equipment and rigging and wildland fire training.

As part of this process, it is the JPA's goal to develop and maintain an instructor cadre; to develop standardized delivery of training; to provide opportunities for professional development; and to be leaders in the development of innovative training.


One of the major goals of the JPA is to construct a world-class training facility to provide a tradition of excellence in an inspirational learning environment to students from the region, state, nation, and around the world.