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CFRTA Policies


Series 1000 - General

1020 Conflict of Interest


Series 2000 - Personnel

2010 Work and Overtime2020 Vacation2022 Compensatory Time Off2040 Sick Leave2151 Health Care Reimbursement2180 Discipline Procedures2215 Discipline, Harassment, Retaliation Prevention2230 Nepotism


Series 2300 - Job Descriptions

2300 Governing Council2310 Executive Director2311 Special Project Administrator2312 Deputy Director2321 Secretary2322 Administrative Assistant2323 Office Assistant2324 Utility Worker2325 Logistic Specialist2326 Administrative Officer - Finance2327 Administrative Officer - Training2335 Canine Evaluator2340 Academy Director2341 Drill Master2342 EMS Program Director2345 Clinical Coordinator2346 Medical Director2350 Primary Instructor2351 Assistant Instructor2352 Adjunct Instructor2353 EMS Primary Instructor2354 EMS Lab Instructor2355 EMS Program Specialist2356 EMS Program Technician2357 EMS Subject Matter Expert2358 USAR Lead Instructor2359 USAR Adjunct Instructor2360 Senior Instructor2361 Master Instructor


Series 3000 - Operations

3030 Fixed Assets

3040 Claims Payable (Internal)

3050 Travel and Conference3060 Petty Cash3080 Purchasing and Procurement3090 Records Retention3200 Course Preparation Hours3210 Replacement of Consumables & Repair of Equipment


Series 5000 - Governing Council

5010 Council Meetings5020 Council Meeting Agendas5030 Council Meeting Conduct5040 Council Actions and Decisions5060 Minutes of Council Meetings5070 Rules of Order for Council and Committee Meetings